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Web Soup R-R-R-Rewind

Links to the videos featured on our Season Finale are now available over at Ye Olde Forumse. Store them up in your figurative squirrel cheeks in preparation for the riffing-on-physical-trauma Winter that is now upon us. But rest assured, there is enough public hoarfing, webcam pathos, and dingus jokes to hold you over for a great long while.

Also, the voices from Chilly the Christmas Pole: Justin Roiland, @VatchePanos, Jenny Goldberg, @atencio, @MrBradStevens http://t.co/1bIfAcz

That’s it for season 3 of @websoup! Our sincerest thanks to everyone who has watched and supported the show. Hope to see you all again soon.

On the huge @websoup season finale - puking wrestlers, 63 kicks to the balls, and special guest @NeverNotFunny - TONIGHT at 8pm on G4!

The SEASON FINALE of Web Soup airs tonight at 8pm EST/5pm PT on G4TV and it is a doozy folks.

Like the above video, it’s a little bittersweet but with a healthy pinch of inexplicable and off-putting thrown in for good measure. We’ve got faceplants of the highest caliber, Christmasy phalluses of the finest pedigree, and a Things You Can’t Unsee of the grossest and most traumatizing variety. Seriously. We really outdid ourselves this time. Going out with a shudder and a dry heave: that’s so us.


Peeing on people isn’t just for Germans and friends of jellyfish attack victims any longer. No, this miracle panacea can cure pretty much anything that ails you. The number one team of doctors in this exciting new field are full to bursting with the desire to heal and bring some sunshine into peoples’ lives. When they have you in their sights, you can be sure that…Urine Good Health. (feat. Rob Delaney, Jennifer Flack, Marshall Givens, & Shannon Lucas)

Making babies disappear in a way that doesn’t provoke Middle America’s moral outrage is tricky business indeed. Wanna know how to pull off such a feat? The Masked Magician is here to usher you through the smoke and mirrors and reveal the secrets behind this handy bit of DIY necromancy. (feat. Shannon Lucas & Marc Hilko)

It’s okay to make fun of old people. Besides smelling like impending death and being casually racist in that special way that seems more nostalgic than offensive, computers will always, always baffle the shit out ‘em. And if you’re still having pangs of conscience, just remember that they probably ragged on their grandparents for not ‘getting’ Morse Code or…Semaphore…or whatever the hell it is they had back in the 1700’s.

Web Soup R-R-R-Rewind!

The penultimate round of links of videos featured on last week’s show are now yours to do terrible or wonderful things with. The choice is yours. Delicious fish heads, old people vs. technology, and hypnotic butt jigglin’. Oh yeah. Poopy-flutin’ too. You heard me. 

Tonight, our own @websoup host Chris Hardwick (@nerdist) is on CONAN (@TeamCoco)!

From @websoup - We pull back the curtain on one of magic’s most gobsmacking illusions! http://tinyurl.com/68yg6lf

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Web Soup Exclusive peek at G4’s newest shows: Video Gamerz & Jugga Tek. (feat. Brad StevensJohn WalshMike Henry, & Trina Calderon)

Gamerz brings all the venom and pointless bitching of your favorite Internet message boards to third-tier cable television but with slightly fewer references to Hitler.

And Jugga Tek gives premiere Tech Jugga-spondent Blazin’ Batt the chance to yell all the questions that nerds want the answers to like, ‘Fuckin’ joysticks: how do they work?’ (feat. Willy Roberts, & Mike Manasewitsch)

On an all-new @websoup - scooter fails, handgun mishaps, and, yes, flutes played by farts. Classin’ up the joint - TONIGHT at 8pm on G4!

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